Merijn Exel

R&D design engineer

Name: Merijn Exel

Function: R&D design engineer

Joined Micronit: 2018

“In this company, there is a lot of flexibility, freedom and room for new ideas.”

Technical knowledge and creativity

In my work as a design engineer, I like to use both profound technical knowledge and creativity to accomplish the best results. I was trained as an Industrial Product Designer and after I finished, I spent quite some time looking for a job that suited me. At a point, I had a job interview at Micronit and even got a tour around the company. There wasn’t room for a Product Designer yet, however. HR told me that they would keep my name in mind, and obviously they did, because a while later I received a phone call that there was a new vacancy and they’d like me to fill this position.

Contribute to a better world

One of my tasks at Micronit is designing holders for microfluidic chips. Contrary to many of my co-workers, I wasn’t trained as a microfluidics expert. But by means of my designs, I get to know a lot about this interesting field and gradually am increasing my knowledge. I think it’s really cool that we develop things that haven’t been made before. It excites me that our products end up in very important fields of investigation. Considering that our chips are used in medical research, I feel sincerely proud that, in my small way, I get to contribute to a better, healthier world.

Flexibility and room for ideas

Problem solving together with my team is a thing that I really like. Together we feel the pressure to get things right. At those times, the best ideas come about and we usually manage to fix whatever needs fixing. My team is young, flexible and smart. I always feel my ideas are listened to and are taken seriously. Often, I promptly get the opportunity to take them to action to see if they will work out. The flat, non-hierarchical organisational structure of Micronit contributes to this way of working. This company was founded 20 years ago. In the field of micro- and nanotechnology, this is considered ancient. But still, at Micronit nothing is cast in stone. There is a lot of flexibility, freedom and room for new ideas.


The icing on the cake? I consider many of my colleagues to be friends, we organise a lot of fun things during and outside work.