Johannes Postma

Senior account manager

Name: Johannes Postma

Function: Senior account manager

Joined Micronit: 2017

“Companies collaborate, but the real connections are made by people.”


“My job is mainly about building and maintaining relationships, and that is what I’m good at. I’m very interested in people, in finding out what drives them. As an Account manager, I’m usually the first person of Micronit new customers come into contact with. Micronit produces devices with a long life cycle, and therefore we anticipate to make a long ‘journey’ with our customers. My purpose is to create a valuable partnership that is beneficial to both parties.”

From internship to job

“I never thought I’d become a ‘sales person’. I studied chemistry and along the way decided for a specialisation in Nanotechnology. During this last phase of my studies, I had a position as an intern at Micronit. At the time I worked for one of the technical departments. After having completed my education with a course in business engineering, I worked several years for another company. When a recruiter suggested that I could put my ‘people skills’ and my technical knowledge into good use for the Sales department of Micronit, I returned to this company.”

Valuable partnerships

“When a new client joins us, I assess the specific question or problem, and together with our R&D department we do our best to offer the most suitable solution. We work with the Six Sigma strategy, which helps us divide our processes into small steps. This makes the entire journey efficient and manageable, not only for ourselves, but also for our clients. The fact that I get to do this job for a company like Micronit, is a great plus. It is a rapidly growing company in a very interesting field. We have a lot to do with upcoming markets in healthcare and Life science and the possibilities in new developments are endless.”


“Due to the international contacts I have, I sometimes get to go abroad. In the years I have been working for Micronit, I have had the opportunity to visit several countries and meet different cultures. Although business comes first whenever I’m on the road, I always try to find the time to do some sightseeing and learn a little more about the countries I’m visiting. I make sure to stay in close contact with my clients and consider it an honour that some of my international contacts have turned into friends and sometimes give me an insight into their personal lives.”