Helmut Tanzer

Allround operator

Name: Helmut Tanzer

Function: Allround operator

Joined Micronit: 2017

“I applied for this job out of pure curiosity after microtechnologies.”


“At a birthday party a few years ago, a Micronit-employee started telling me about his job. This conversation got me instantly interested in chip technology. I was amazed at all the processes that can take place on such a small surface. I just wanted to know more about it. And even though I was very happy with the job I had at the time at a pharmaceutical company, I decided to apply for a position as operator at Micronit.”

Continue to learn

“I am convinced that, in a few years’ time, chip technology will become indispensable in health care and will have replaced a lot of the pharmaceutical solutions that are being used at this moment. That is why I expect Micronit to keep growing and expanding. For me personally, I hope this means that I can keep developing myself and continue to learn about micro- and nanotechnologies.”


“Contact between colleagues at Micronit is very relaxed. Everyone is keen to do the job right, but there is no competition. In the morning, I usually start the day with an early coffee with my coworkers. After that, we put on our cleanroom suits and head off to our different departments. Every week we have several central briefings at which work is discussed and tasks are divided. This way, we keep in touch with the total of manufacturing processes, instead of only being aware of our own little section of it.”

Knowledge sharing

“I love to work with ‘real’ products, however tiny they might be. My job is hands-on, with repetitive tasks. That is why I so much cherish the ‘allrounder’-side of my job. I feel it is very important to keep in touch with as many micromanufacturing techniques as I can. This keeps the job interesting to me. Besides that, we can share our knowledge within the operators team. This way, the team can grow and develop as a whole.”

Open company culture

“The company culture at Micronit is very open. New ideas are always appreciated and there is a constant strive for process improvement. Together, we take the company to the next level.”