Arenda Koelewijn

Senior R&D process engineer

Name: Arenda Koelewijn

Function: Senior R&D process engineer

Joined Micronit: 2008

“Diversity is what keeps this job still interesting, even after ten years!”


“In my job as an R&D process engineer, I feel to be at the centre of things. I’m in contact with clients, suppliers, our production department and the rest of the company. My core task is to develop processes and hand them over to production. Next to that, I participate in R&D projects, which can include the training of operators or the purchase and implementation of new equipment. One of my accounts is the European Space Agency (ESA). Their projects are obviously very interesting, and it is exciting to be involved in a very small part of their activities.”

A tailormade vacancy

“I studied mechanical engineering in Utrecht. Later on, I moved to Enschede. The vacancy at Micronit seemed tailormade for me. In 2008 I started working at this company and I haven’t been bored since. It’s fast growth is reflected in the increasing numbers of co-workers. A few times a year there are activities that involve all colleagues. To me, these are valuable events and I try to attend them whenever I can. The atmosphere at Micronit is very good. It is a ‘young’ company; many of my direct colleagues are in the same phase of life and have young children, like myself. This proves to be an easy way to connect to one another.”


“The first period I worked as an R&D design engineer. After one and a half year I left the design department to join the team of process engineers. This switch gave me the opportunity to have a deeper involvement with projects for a longer period of time. As I love to fully dedicate myself to a project, this role suits me. I experience a lot of freedom in my work. Days are never alike and this diversity is what keeps the job interesting to me. I love it when something is considered ‘impossible’ and by clever engineering and good teamwork, we can make it work anyway. At these occasions I feel genuinely proud.”

My team

“At the moment, my team consists of twelve R&D process engineers. Once a week we inform each other about the projects we are working on. We also discuss the position of our department within the company as a whole. Who are we and where do we stand? What do we need to be able to perform at our best? Besides that, we focus on personal capabilities and preferences. This way, by thoroughly knowing each other’s strengths and weaknesses, our tasks can be divided in a logical way that leads to happy employees and higher productivity. Win-win.