Sven Koopman, HR Advisor

Hello there! My name is Sven, I am the HR Advisor at Micronit since January 2022.


Micronit is an awesome company with an inspiring mission: we want people to age healthily. My role is to advise the management in their interactions with their employees. This covers a wide range of topics, like recruitment, sickness, evaluations, promotions and learning & development. Besides advising the managers, I also help Ingemar with the strategic and tactical course of the HR themes in the company.


Before I came to Micronit, I finished my bachelor’s degree in Human Resource Management and had the chance to work for two of the biggest high tech companies in the Twente region: Thales and Demcon. The broad experience I gained there in different HR roles will support me in helping Micronit realize its goals. That’s also what makes me happiest anyway: a company with an inspiring purpose and a lot of motivated people to make it happen. It’s great to be here and help develop an environment which enables the organization to do just that.